Why “Angels and Charlies”?

What comes to mind when you hear “Angels and Charlies”? If you are from an English speaking country you might think of a fool, a jerk, or even worse? … Being German, our associations are with “Charlie’s Angels”, the crime fighting trio of detectives. When choosing our name we thought of their adventures, their dangerous missions, their diversity and their will to succeed in the face of great challenges. So what do we do now? Change our name or go with the flow? We decided to go ahead with the name we chose, and are counting on our risk paying off. We are “Angels and Charlies”: competent, experienced, versatile and open for challenging missions.

Unsolved cases? Difficult situations? – Challenge accepted!

Multiple questions and no answers yet?

Is leadership, communication and cooperation under increasing pressure, gradually dissolving or blowing up in your face?

Together and with courage, creativity and competence we master those challenges with you. In a step by step process outlined below, Angels and Charlies offer a comprehensive solution to meet your company’s unique needs.

Angels & Charlies – We tackle challenges and generate solutions.

Mission accomplished!

Our Vision

As many people as possible are cooperating constructively.

Our Mission

We meet challenges, developing constructive solutions that serve people and organizations.