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How we do our work:

We are customer orientated.

Analyzing your specific situation and needs, we define goals and content together with you. Based on these findings we develop specific concepts for training.

We are focused on what is right for our participants.

The experiences and perspectives of the participants, as well as their obstacles or hurdles, are taken into consideration in an interactive and practical way.

We are focused on the demands of the individual situations at hand.

A broad spectrum of qualifications allows us flexibility and quick adaptation to ensure success.

We are competent & versatile in the use of methods.

Our highly skilled team masters a wide variety of training methods which enables us to adapt our conceptualised course of action to suit your needs and goals. Face to face, digital, blended learning – we play all the instruments.

On the fly

Extraordinary situations require an extraordinary approach. Seminars to Go, Walk and Talk Workshops, Fly and Try Creativity Circles…

We look forward to welcoming you!

Excerpt from our portfolio

Public speaking: learn to speak persuasively and with ease


Public speaking, regardless of the size of the group, does not come easily to everyone. Enhance your persuasive skills and learn to speak with self-assurance. Master the ease it takes to give required speeches for representative business occasions.

Professional Presentation


Boredom, incomprehensibility, disinterest and a vacant expression are all common occurrences during many talks. Acquire a professional presence, learn to structure presentations clearly and comprehensively with powerful visuals. Earn the attention of your audience with captivating and engaging presentations.

Optimising communication


Chatting, talking or having a blether would seem to come naturally, but appearances can be deceiving. When it comes to winning over a customer, keeping a project on track, solving difficult situations in a constructive way or convincing the boss, the line between success and failure is drawn by the manner in which interaction occurs. Develop your own style, techniques, skills and competencies in order to steer conversations optimally.

Facilitate meetings effectively


50% of meetings result in nothing more than a date for the next meeting.  Learn how  to use group resources in meetings efficiently. In this way you achieve optimal results – online or face to face. Develop techniques, competencies, and a comprehensive understanding of the role of the moderator to achieve a successful meeting culture.

Develop your team


A group of people working together is far from being a real team. Build on your team´s strengths and detect valuable potential. Develop strategies and techniques for cooperation online and face to face. Let your team become the best it can be.

Supporting change processes


Imagine Change came knocking, and no one opened the door? Learn to create transparent and constructive change processes. Harness the dynamics of change for a successful transformation.

Lateral leadership


In today’s world, companies are run via networks. Versatile, agile networks are part and parcel of successful enterprises. As a manager in these environments, being able to inspire and motivate cooperation without relying on disciplinary power is an essential competency.

Boost your personal capacity for creating mutual understanding, for collaborative organisation and for moving within de facto power structures successfully.

Digital Communication

Digitale Kommunikation

“There are so many tools to use,” and “Everything changes constantly,” are, among others, frequent complaints.
But there is a way out:  Design your communication strategically using tools as they were meant to be used: as aids or supports. Learn how to create a clear strategy for communication and to use tools effectively.

Influencing skills

Influencing Skills

What really happens in organizations is less and less predictable by procedural rules and detailed planning. Organizations must be agile. Thus, increase your flexibility and awareness in communication. Your influencing skills are the basis of cooperation and targeted action.

From conflict to opportunity (Dealing with conflicts constructively)


Wherever people cooperate, conflicts are present; i. e. conflicts are a normal occurrence. The question is: are we able to deal with conflicts constructively, even using them as opportunities for improvement? Learn the ins and outs of managing conflicts constructively and avoiding escalation.

Images by: Barbara Alsleben